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       Most purist dive resorts deliver basic accommodation, dining and facilities; high-end resorts provide diving, but not at a caliber comparable with that found at Wakatobi. Wakatobi Dive Resort offers diving of a quality to please the most ardent diver, delivered with personalized service in the setting of an upscale resort, all in a remote and pristine location – a unique achievement.

Rare & authentic

We are located in a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, home to one of the most bio-diverse marine ecosystems on earth. Our Collaborative Reef Conservation Program is a shining example of community involvement, creating both tangible benefits for the local community and reefs that are protected, pristine and rich in life. New species are still being discovered in Wakatobi.

Exclusive & personalized

Our Private Dive Guide program represents the ultimate in personalized resort diving: a Private Dive Experience Manager, whose focus is to anticipate and fulfill the guest’s wishes and to tailor an exclusive, personalized diving experience to fit their individual needs. Private Butlers are also on hand to ensure that the resort experience is equally tailored to meet the guest’s wishes.

Enriching & fulfilling

Guests in Wakatobi can do more than just dive. A range of recreational activities and programs are available to enrich the guest’s stay and to ensure that their holiday is a fulfilling experience. From Indonesian cooking and fish behavior classes to yoga and a kid’s club (Wakatobi is family-friendly), guests can stimulate, educate or simply relax.

Accessible & enjoyable

Our private airstrip and dedicated air charter make getting to Wakatobi as hassle-free as it gets. We offer guests all the creature comforts of the modern world in a secluded and unspoiled setting. A talented team of internationally trained chefs performs culinary magic using a range of locally grown ingredients and imported specialty foods to prepare eagerly anticipated meals accompanied by a very respectable wine list.


The area commonly known as Wakatobi lies within the Tukang Besi island group, in Indonesia’s Southeastern Sulawesi region. These islands encompass some of the planet’s most productive and pristine reefs and coastal shallows. The title Wakatobi is an acronym derived from the first two letters in the names of the group’s four major islands: Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko.

Getting to Wakatobi

Direct charter flights from Bali to Wakatobi’s private airstrip provide the most convenient and time-efficient way to reach the resort. Following a restful overnight stay in Bali, this 2.5-hour flight provides generous luggage allowances, VIP transit lounge privileges, and includes all taxes and surcharges. Guests are met at our airport and transferred directly to the resort by way of a short van and boat ride, with staff handling all logistics of luggage transfer and delivery to your accommodation.

Barefoot luxury

Wakatobi’s grand villas and bungalows are nestled into verdant landscaping along a white sand beach. Each represents the perfect blend of natural beauty and five-star amenities, offering privacy, climate-controlled comfort and sleeping arrangements for singles, couples or families. Interiors are finished in rich native woods, with shaded porches, separate sitting areas and spacious shower rooms. Some also feature Asian-style outdoor showers.

Full-spectrum diving

Guests enjoy three 70-minute boat dives or snorkel excursions daily aboard six spacious boats, along with night dives and unlimited shore diving on Wakatobi’s famed House Reef. A multilingual staff of guides and instructors provide total support, from snorkel and scuba lessons and equipment rental to photography support, nitrox, tri-mix and rebreather diving.

Villas & bungalows

Set amidst verdant landscaping along a white sand beach, Wakatobi’s grand villas and bungalows provide the perfect blend of natural surroundings and five-star amenities. Each offers privacy, large shaded porches, climate-controlled comfort and sleeping arrangements for singles, couples or families. Interiors are finished in rich native woods, with separate sitting areas and spacious shower rooms. Some also feature Asian-style outdoor showers. There are three accommodation packages offered: The Ultimate, Gold Standard and The Essentials.

The Ultimate: Villa with complimentary privilege package

The villas offer the best of Wakatobi. Set on a low ledge just above the beach, at the northern end of the resort, they offer the ultimate in privacy and spacious comfort, complemented by unobstructed views of the ocean and Wakatobi’s spectacular sunsets.

  • Villa guests enjoy the following complimentary privilege package:
  • Butler (Private Resort ExperienceManager)
  • Private Guide (Private Dive Experience Manager)
  • One Fluo-Diving Experience or test drive of a Seacam /Canon 5D underwater camera setup for 2 dives

Gold Standard: Ocean Bungalow with stunning sea view

Guests can take in a glorious sunset at the end of a satisfying day’s diving to a soundtrack of waves gently lapping on the shore—all while seated on comfortable lounge chairs on their private verandah. In addition to stunning sea views, all Ocean Bungalows feature comfortable lounge-style beds, separate sitting areas, private indoor shower rooms and spacious Asian spa-style outdoor showers.
For guests seeking the optimal blend of luxury and cost-effectiveness, an Ocean Bungalow is the best choice.

The Essentials: Palm Bungalow - value with no compromise in comfort

Guests can savor nature’s music - birdsong, the waves lapping a stone’s throw away and the breeze rustling in the trees, all from the verandah of their Palm Bungalow. These fully appointed bungalows are located slightly behind and in-between the front-row Ocean Bungalows, nestled amidst beautiful palm trees and other tropical foliage. All guest needs & comforts are provided in a Palm Bungalow and, as with all accommodation types, guests enjoy chef-prepared meals and Wakatobi’s renowned and personalized service.

Diving & snorkeling

Wakatobi was founded with the vision to deliver the ultimate dive experience. The location was created following an extensive search to identify the perfect site for a dive resort in terms of geography, climate, oceanic topography and marine biodiversity. To ensure its future, our founders created the world’s largest private protected marine park. That gives you some idea of the extent to which we will go and the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the Wakatobi experience.

Unlimited diving on pristine coral reefs

The entire Wakatobi region has been turned into a sustainable protected marine park. The local village and surrounding communities have enthusiastically adopted the conservation plan and as a result, illegal fishing, reef walking and other activities detrimental to the coral reef have been halted. A portion of Wakatobi’s guest revenues are given to the local community to maintain and support a sustainable lifestyle that fosters stewardship and respect for the coral reef ecosystem.

Ideal for snorkelers and freedivers

Wakatobi is an ideal place for snorkelers and freedivers. The house reef offers a convenient and beautiful snorkeling venue populated with a myriad of marine creatures. In addition, many dive sites have exquisite shallow coral growths that are ideal for surface exploration. Snorkelers (and freedivers) receive the same level of support as divers, including assistance with gear, fresh towels, snacks and camera support an in-water guide and monitoring services. All dive sites are rated for suitability for snorkeling based on the reef topography.

Popular with underwater photographers

Wakatobi offers the underwater photographer or videographer a wealth of imaging opportunities and settings, ranging from dramatic drop offs, breathtaking coral gardens and pinnacles for wide angle shots down to the most minute and rare exotic marine creatures for macro fanatics.

The exuberant vitality of the reef systems means that each dive will deliver awesome stuff to fill the viewfinders of every photographer from casual shooters to photo pros.


Wakatobi offers guests the opportunity to create their dream dive holiday, including both in-water experiences and non-diving activities. Whether guests want to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy the most exclusive and personalized diving experience possible, or simply chill out in style, we are able to custom-tailor their stay to create a truly unique vacation experience.

Private dive experience manager

A Private Dive Experience Manager offers the ultimate in underwater freedom and discovery. This personalized guide service, tailored to the guest’s wishes, enhances the diving and snorkeling experience by providing deeper understanding of marine life behavior, assisting the guest’s underwater imaging, or guiding them through the unique experience of a Fluo dive, which is complementary for those taking at least four days with a Private Dive Experience Manager.

The thrill of fluo diving

Guests see the underwater world like never before on this guided private or semi-private diving experience. At night, special ultraviolet lighting causes fluorescent proteins in certain fish and corals to light up in glowing colors. Fluo-diving is a second-to-none experience that guests find amazing, all while revealing the underwater realm in a new and enthralling manner.

Bali concierge

Guests can create personalized Bali layover experiences with the help of our Concierge, who will take care of every detail of their visit. Private guides and drivers are available to transport guests to towering volcanoes, emerald green rice paddies, Hindu temples, dazzling beaches or a cultural dance performance - to name just a few. Bali also offers incredible value in art, furniture, silver jewelry, accessories, and tropical fashions! Our friendly team will learn about the guest’s preferences ahead of time and adjust their trip accordingly.


Our friendly, personalized service ensures that guests have a relaxing and enriching experience in Wakatobi, no matter how they spend their time. From the senior management on down, guests find that all members of our staff are genuinely warm and have a dedication to ensuring comfort, satisfaction and fond memories of Wakatobi. Attentive but unobtrusive, our staff enable guests to settle in and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

Diving service

Divers never lift a tank or set up their gear in Wakatobi – all equipment is managed to the diver’s preference, so they just need to pull on their wetsuit mask and fins, strap on their BCD (with the crew’s help) and go. Cameras are carefully handled by the crew and given to divers once they are in the water. On returning to the boat the crew will change tanks, check gear and prepare it for the next dive.

Snacks are served between consecutive boat dives, as well as drinks such as tea, hot chocolate, and water – the boat crew quickly learns each guest’s preference. Fresh dry towels and minted face cloths are always available.

Resort service

Our aim is to ensure that there is not the slightest impediment to a guest’s ability to relax, explore and truly appreciate the beauty that is Wakatobi. We will do our utmost to enable any guest’s requests.

If guests have special dietary needs our chefs will happily accommodate them, whether it be a food allergy or simply a preference. They are used to low-carb, vegetarian, low lactose, gluten free, etc. Meals, or snacks and drinks can be served in the guest’s bungalow/villa or on the beach.

VIP meet and greet in Bali

From the moment guests touch down in Bali they find that we are on hand to handle the details while they relax. Our VIP welcome whisks them straight past the lengthy queues at immigration, while staff will handle baggage transfers and other details. Guest who choose to take a Bali stopover can engage our concierge service to make all the arrangements for an enjoyable and fascinating few days before or after their Wakatobi trip.

Amenities & activities

Resort guests can choose from a range of additional watersports and beach activities, pamper themselves in our full-service spa, or stay entertained with our media suite, high-speed internet services and library. Other activities include Indonesian cooking classes, workshops, village tours and nature walks. Sports activities include kitesurfing, kayaking and wakeboarding. Wakatobi is family friendly, with childcare services and a kids club.

Delectable dining

Our executive chefs serve a savory mixture of Indonesian and international cuisines, which can be enjoyed in the ocean-view dining room, delivered to the guest’s villa or bungalow, or served by a personal wait-staff beachside. Full beverage services are enjoyed with meals, at the longhouse coffee bar or the jetty bar, which sits perched over the waters of the House Reef.

Family friendly

Wakatobi is a family-friendly dive resort, and children are encouraged to share in all appropriate resort activities. For times when guests are diving or relaxing, we offer a variety of adventures designed to entertain, amaze and educate kids. Children of any age are cared for allowing guests to fully enjoy their holiday, while also creating lifetime memories for the family.

Soak up a sumptuous spa

East and West come together at Wakatobi’s Spa, which blends the best of Indonesian and European traditions. Our original custom-blended oils and aromatherapies complement personalized massage and a variety of other treatments. With a caring heart and a pair of well-trained hands, our skilled therapists ease our guests’ aches or stresses, leaving them relaxed and rejuvenated.

Amenities & activities

Resort guests can choose from a range of additional watersports and beach activities, pamper themselves in our full-service spa, or stay entertained with our media suite, high-speed internet services and library. Other activities include Indonesian cooking classes, workshops, village tours and nature walks. Sports activities include kitesurfing, kayaking and wakeboarding. Wakatobi is family friendly, with childcare services and a kids club.

Stupendous kitesurfing

Recently, Wakatobi has gained recognition as a world-class destination for the exciting sport of kitesurfing. From June to September, seasonal trade winds provide ideal conditions for riders of all skill levels. Novices are provided with calm, sheltered waters right off the resort beach, while advanced riders can move out into the channel to play in the waves or make long distance runs. Wakatobi hosts a dedicated Kite Week each July, and has established a full-service kiteboard center, providing instruction, equipment and both shore and chase boat support.

Kayaking and wakeboarding

The calm lagoons near Wakatobi’s beach are ideal for watersports such as kayaking and wakeboarding. Equipment for both activities is provided as part of the activities package. Guests can enjoy self-guided paddling excursions at any time, or join resort guides for a nature tour of the coast. To experience the thrill of gliding over crystal-clear waters on a wakeboard, guests need only contact the water sports center to arrange for a driver and towboat. All equipment is provided, along with basic instructions for novice riders.

Nature touring

Wakatobi isn’t just about the ocean. A network of walking paths provides hours of exploration for walkers and bird watchers, with trails leading inland and to quiet waterfront venues where one can relax and take in the views. Wakatobi also arranges regular tours of area villages, giving guests a unique opportunity to interact with local residents of the islands in a warm and informal setting. Also on the schedule are activities such as Indonesian cooking classes and presentations on the, fauna and cultural heritage of the region.

Conservation & civic programs

Much of the island group lies within the Wakatobi National Park, which is the second largest in Indonesia. In 2012 this area was designated a UNESCO Marine Biosphere Reserve.

In addition, a 20-kilometer section of reef is under the protection of the Wakatobi Marine Reserve, which is a private program administered through the Wakatobi Collaborative Reef Conservation Program.

Reef conservation program

This initiative was developed by the founders of Wakatobi dive resort to provide a proactive means of protecting the reefs and marine resources. A portion of revenue generated from resort activity funds a lease system that pays area villagers and fishermen to honor a no-take policy on specific reef tracts. Since the program’s implementation in 1998, environmentally damaging fishing practices have ceased, and the reefs have remained in near-pristine condition, with some showing marked improvement.

Sea turtle protection

Wakatobi’s beach has long been recognized as an important turtle nesting ground. Nighttime lighting along the resort’s beach is minimized to encourage females to come ashore and lay their eggs. When a nest is identified, it is cordoned off and monitored to provide protection for the eggs, ensuring a greater number of hatchlings survive and return to the sea. It is quite common to see young turtles swimming along the reefs and the shoreline fronting the resort.

Support for the local communities

The resort provides electricity for the village on the island (population 500), and waste management services for villages on a neighboring island. Other ongoing programs include civic improvement projects for all 17 villages within the district, and the sponsorship of schools with educational materials and sponsorships for orphans. To provide economic alternatives to destructive marine harvesting practices, Wakatobi sponsors a credit scheme for small businesses and employs up to 50 widows from the local village.

Pelagian dive yacht intro

Pelagian cruises to sites in the Tukang Besi archipelago where no other dive operation ventures. Guests enjoy an intimate atmosphere with the personalized service and exclusive amenities of a world-class motoryacht. 
Pelagian’s spacious salon is complemented by a refined dining area, modern media center and dedicated camera workroom, while several open and shaded deck areas offer additional space for privacy and relaxation.
 At 36 meters / 115 feet in length, but carrying a maximum of just ten guests, Pelagian offers more space per guest than any dive yacht of its kind.

Personal attention

With just ten guests served by an experienced international crew of 12, including a master chef, Pelagian offers a setting that is upscale and intimate. The crew is able to provide each guest with appropriate attention, no matter if they are a first-time cruiser and snorkeler, or a seasoned dive traveler who appreciates value and excellence.

Dive Support

Pelagian is well suited for divers and snorkelers of all skill levels. Dives take place from custom-built, twin-engine tenders, providing comfortable and short rides to each site. The Dive Experience Managers and crew handle all logistics of equipment and cameras, and provide full in-water support. Additional technical diving support can also be arranged for guests.

Customized itinerary

Cruise itineraries are built around guests’ preferences, generally with four dives of up to 70 minutes, including night dives. Each is a rewarding experience – from the Mandarinfish at Magic Pier to the shrimp breeding grounds of Cheeky Beach at Pasar Wajo to the seamounts at Karang Kaledupa.

For the best of both worlds, guests often combine a Pelagian cruise with a stay at Wakatobi Dive Resort.

Pelagian dive yacht’s cabins

All of Pelagian’s cabins have been masterfully designed for comfort and aesthetics. Spacious floor plans, luxurious shower rooms and modern decor create a relaxing environment – the master suite provides all the comforts one would expect of an upscale hotel.

Master suite

This beautiful master cabin spans the full width of the vessel occupying the entire bow on the main deck. Offering all the comforts of home it is the largest cabin available on any motoryacht that we know of. A king-size bed provides relaxing and restful sleep. A spacious lounge with a love seat become the perfect place to watch videos on the HD flat-panel TV with Blu-ray DVD player, listen to music, read, or work on one’s laptop—all in total privacy. The shower room is contemporary and features top of the line rainforest shower and vanity fittings.

Superlux cabins

The Superlux cabins offer fresh, bright spa-like environments for guests. Both of these cabins feature a walk-around, queen-size bed and separate daybed. Hanging bedside tables, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and large drawers under the beds offer guests ample space to store personal items. Adjustable, high-intensity reading lights hang from the headboards for convenient night-time reading. Both of these cabins are located forward of the main salon and down a flight of stairs. They each have several portholes that let in ample daylight.

Deluxe Cabin

The perfect accommodation for a couple or two dive buddies looking for their own space. There are large cupboards and a small loveseat where one can sit, read, or work on a laptop.

Standard Cabin

This cabin is ideal for divers who tend to focus more on the boat’s common areas and in-water activities rather than having the largest cabin onboard. The cabin features two single beds, with ample built-in storage.

The underwater environment

The islands of Wakatobi are typically flanked by fringing barrier reefs that drop to depths of 40 meters or more at distances of less than 100 meters from shore. There are also a number of offshore reef plateaus and sea mounds in the region that rise from the depths to create isolated areas of shallow marine habitat.

Here we describe just three of the 40+ documented dive sites visited by Wakatobi guests.

Lorenz’s Delight

Aptly named after explorer and Wakatobi Dive Resort founder Lorenz Mäder, this is a vastly beautiful site with both shallow and deeper areas offering both snorkelers and divers an unforgettable view of the underwater landscape. The site’s colorful overhangs and crevasses provide a plethora of macro life. At depths below 20 meters are forests of immense yellow wire corals spiraling five meters or higher off a steep sloping wall. An overhanging ledge harbors big sea fans framed in colorful soft corals. Flush with schooling fish life, the site’s brightly hued coral continues upward to within a meter of the surface.


A series of open-water seamounts are connected by lower ridges that create a structure resembling the blade of a serrated knife. Water clarity is typically quite good at this site, and prevailing currents allow divers to perform flight-like drifts across the top of these seamounts. The slope of each pinnacle is covered in thick growths of giant sponges and soft corals. There is an abundance of colorful red whip corals and sea fans that can grow to three meters across. This is a site where larger pelagic animals would likely be sighted, and divers may enjoy encounters with dolphins and pilot whales.

Magic Pier

The coral rubble at Magic Pier is one of the best places in the region to observe the rituals of the mandarinfish. Hundreds of these colorful fish are spread out over a large area and can be observed performing their intricate mating behaviors. It also hosts a resident population of ornate ghost pipefish, generally considered one of the most exotic and elusive creatures in the Indo-Pacific, and a trophy for anyone who manages to capture one on film. With prime viewing areas starting at depths of five meters or less, this site allows divers to enjoy long dive times, and is a favorite for sunset or night dives, when a variety of macro life emerges from shelter.

Marine life

The islands of Eastern Indonesia are surrounded by some of the most bio-diverse coral reefs on the planet. This region, known as the “coral triangle,” is home to more than 450 varieties of hard and soft corals, 3,000-plus species of fish and several thousand more types of invertebrate animals.

With thousands of species living on Wakatobi’s reefs and shallows, there is no one single animal that could be said to be the signature attraction for underwater identification and viewing. That said, there are some that never fail to entertain or provide unique opportunities for fish watchers and photographers.

Mantis shrimp

Growing up to 30 cm in length and able to deliver a blow with their raptorial claws that can shatter a crustacean’s shell, the Mantis is one shrimp that deserves respect. The mantis are solitary borrowers, constructing elaborate tunnels into the rubble or sand strata of the sea floor. One of this animals most distinctive features are the iridescent eyes, which not only move independently to provide 360-degree binocular vision, but also see in a wider spectrum of light than any other creature in nature, including UV and polarized light.

Pygmy seahorses

Wakatobi provides an ideal environment for pygmy seahorses to thrive, and it was only recently that this group of tiny creatures became known to science; most significantly, four of the seven known species are regularly seen in Wakatobi, and were discovered nearby in the past decade. Unlike their larger cousins, the pygmy seahorses live only on coral reefs, and in many cases on a single species of gorgonian sea fans, which are found in abundance on the reefs at Wakatobi.


Their bizarre appearances, unique colorations and unusual hunting tactics make frogfish prized by photographers and fish watchers alike. Wakatobi’s dive guides are experts at spotting frogfish, and are happy to direct guests to known individuals, or help seek out new finds. It takes a sharp eye to spot one amid the colors and patterns of Wakatobi’s reef, but because they tend to stay in one place, it’s often possible to return to the same spot and find the same frogfish working the same favorite fishing hole.

What our guests say

“Service was impeccable and the diving was spectacular. The diving, marine life and service at Wakatobi will ruin you for diving at any other dive resort. Each dive was better than the last. So much to see, so little time.”Ann and Jim Early

“Very impressed with the quality and comfort of a resort so remote. The diving is premier. Lovely beautiful reefs. Having our own private guide was great. Felt like rock stars. Awesome experience!”Sarah and Steve Smith

“We spent the first week on Pelagian and the second week on the island. The Pelagian was spacious and comfortable, like being in a 5 star hotel! Wakatobi resort was just as amazing – staff, accommodation, food, diving – all out of this world.”Nicola Willis

“The Pelagian liveaboard was over the top! Love the 70+ minute dives, the briefings and extra presentations. The dive guides are very knowledgeable and found interesting and rare sea life.”Frank and Barbara Walter

“Every aspect of the resort has far exceeded anything I have experienced. Every single dive has been better than all the tropical dives I have had before, combined; I saw more quantity of life, more beautiful and strange life than ever before.”Paul Glanville

“All in all, you are amazing. We learned so much about reef life and came away better divers! This is our second trip here and it felt like coming home to family and good friends. We will come back as often as we can!”John and Eileen Siminger

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