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 Stand beside any street, road, highway, or interstate in Florida. In a matter of moments it’s likely a commercial truck will drive by-from a 4-wheel local delivery vehicle to a cross-country 18-wheeler. This occurrence is so customary, we have long ago tuned it out.

Trucks are as common as trees, mailboxes, or power poles. Pause, though, and consider seven simple, and perhaps surprising, truths about trucking in Florida.

In March of 2013, Sergey Petrossov launched JetSmarter, the world’s largest mobile marketplace for private jets.  The company has created a new class of air travel that is able to offer both custom charters and unused seats across thousands of private jet flights.  By fundamentally rewiring the marketplace, JetSmarter has lowered the entry cost into the private aviation market, making it more available to travelers around the world, and a true disruptor in the space. Its technology and efficient platform - driven by algorithms, artificial intelligence and mobile distribution - optimizes inventory to drive down prices, create availability, and gives JetSmarter the resources to continue to grow throughout the U.S. and globally.    

Within the app, JetSmarter’s full range of services are available in three categories JetShuttle, JetCharter and JetDeals, allowing members to quickly and easily find a flight that best suits their needs.  The breakdown of each service is as follows:  
• JetShuttle: Shared private jet flights; members can search for and book a seat on an already scheduled route 
• JetCharter: Members can customize and create their own charter flights. Within this option, they can book an entire jet to themselves, or create a “shared charter” flight, which allows them to purchase individual seats on a flight (between shuttle cities). This flight is then opened up into the JetShuttle section of the app, therefore creating a shared flight that is available for other members 
• JetDeals: Exclusive one-way flights on private jets, where members can book a flight to a new destination city daily  

Additionally, benefits of the JetSmarter membership include 24/7 customer support, as well as access to JetSmarter’s Concierge Service, provided by the Member Experiences Team, which provides clients with a variety of services including hotel accommodations, exotic car rentals, access to exclusive events, premium tables at fine restaurants, and much more.
How does this work?
At JetSmarter they buy flight hours in bulk for some of the lowest "cost per hour" fees ever seen in the industry. They are the largest purchaser of third party aircraft hours in the world, which creates massive economies of scale and allows us to optimize empty legs and pair them with charter flights, both shared and whole aircraft.

They are able to do that because they have built a sophisticated pricing engine that charges their members at the sweet spot where we can still make a profit. It's no different than any market where there's profit to be made by addressing structural inefficiencies. “Our efficient platform – driven by algorithms, artificial intelligence and mobile distribution – optimizes inventory to drive down prices, create availability, and give us the resources to grow JetSmarter in the U.S. and globally”.
The JetSmarter app is available for iOS and Android. You can download the app in your iTunes store or Google Play store.
Still need more?
All JetCharter™, JetShuttle™ and JetDeals™ flights can provide you swift helicopter transfers to and from New York City area airports. Not to mention, we provide seasonal helicopter shuttles to and from the Hamptons and Manhattan. You can also skip downtown Chicago traffic; their heli-transfer services can shuttle you to and from Chicago airports and the Loop.

Membership benefits
• Complimentary seats on thousands of flights
• Fly on-demand for less with shared JetCharter™ flights
• Book guaranteed JetCharter™ flights in seconds
• Helicopter transfers in select cities
• 24/7 customer support through the app and by phone
• Lifestyle concierge services
Membership benefits will vary depending on the level of membership purchased. 

JetSmarter does not own or operate a fleet. For JetShuttle™ and JetDeals™ flights, JetSmarter enters into exclusive arrangements with premier aircraft carriers that operate these flights. “With our JetCharter™ marketplace, we have access to over 3,200 aircraft worldwide to provide a reliable charter solution available for booking in real-time 24/7. Though JetSmarter’s unique, smart technology, we connect to operators’ scheduling software and their GPS feeds. This integration allows JetSmarter to know the exact positioning of our operators’ jets, their occupancy and availability”.

Weather you charter the entire jet or book a members-only shared on luxurious heavy jets. Why would you ever charter a light or midsized jet again, if you can charter heavy jets with supreme service, VIP catering and cabin attendants for half the price?


Additional Information

JetSmarter Inc.

500 East Broward Blvd., 19th Floor,
Fort Lauderdale, USA, FL 33394

Phone: +1(888) 9 VIP JET

Fax: +1(888) 9 847 538


Company Name:

Current JetShuttle Routes:
United States

New York – Chicago
New York – Las Vegas
New York – Miami
New York – Palm Beach
New York – San Francisco
New York – Los Angeles
New York – Boston
New York – DC
New York - London
Atlanta – New York
Atlanta – South Florida
Chicago – Fort Lauderdale
Chicago – Los Angeles
Dallas – Houston
Fort Lauderdale – Las Vegas
Fort Lauderdale – Los Angeles
Las Vegas – Los Angeles
Las Vegas – San Francisco
Los Angeles – San Francisco
Los Angeles to Scottsdale
Los Angeles to San Diego


Geneva – London
Ibiza – Palma
London – Milan*
London – Moscow*
London – Geneva
London – Ibiza
London – Nice
London – Paris
Milan – Rome*
Paris – Geneva*
Paris – Milan*
Moscow – Nice
Nice – Olbia
Paris – Nice* These JetShuttle routes will be launching September 2016

Middle East

Kuwait – Dubai
Jeddah- Riyadh
Dubai- Riyadh
Kuwait – Jeddah
Jeddah – Dubai

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