VoxEra: Eliminate Overseas Voice Roaming Costs

VoxEra Dials Up Crowdfunding Success with its Smartphone Solution that Eliminates Overseas Voice Roaming Costs. A combination of 3G,4G Wi-Fi and a world mobile SIM data card to provide full functionality of the user’s home data plan while out-of-country - allowing users to make calls without roaming fees.


       VoxEra, the best solution for using smartphones without roaming fees, has taken off in popularity on Kickstarter, raising over $54,000 (and counting) – more than 250 percent of its original goal.
“We call it the first world’s first voice-roaming killer,” said VoxEra Co-founder Arev Hayrapetyan. “We give people the opportunity to use their local SIM number worldwide without a fear of roaming bills. They use their number from anywhere, with the same rates as if they are still in their home country.”

How it Works: 
A traveler puts their SIM card inside the VoxEra device before leaving on their trip. This device is connected to the internet. Then, when they arrive at their destination they use the VoxEra app with Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or a GigSky SIM card data (when Wi-Fi is not available) and they are always connected to their original SIM number at home. They can send/receive calls/SMS with zero roaming fees – at the same rates as they would in their home-country plan.
“Before developing the product, we did a ton of market research about roaming costs and we found that even though there are VOIP applications like Skype, Viber and others, people still use their SIM number abroad and spend a huge amount of money to be connected to their local SIM number,” Hayrapetyan said. “For companies in particular, it’s a major expense when employees are traveling globally – so we created VoxEra to solve this problem and save travelers and businesses money.”
For more information and details about how VoxEra kills roaming fees, and to take advantage of early-bird specials offered for a limited time, visit the VoxEra Kickstarter Campaign Page.


Additional Information

Company Name: Voxera

On the Web at:  kck.st/2lMus3G

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