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       For the last 70 years, Precision Automation® Company has consistently provided quality machine parts and automation machinery for their customers across a wide range of industries and the family owned business shows no sign of slowing down. They do not relegate themselves to a single industry but have recently seen success within the food and beverage sector, as well as with various pharmaceutical organizations. Their mission statement is: to deliver high quality Automation Systems, Contract Machine Work, Fabrication, Machinery, Controls and related services to improve productivity in their customers' manufacturing and product handling processes.

A Look Back

       In 1946 Fred Rexon Sr. founded Precision Parts Company in Haddonfield, New Jersey where it was originally a small machine component manufacturer. Since its inception, Precision never liked to constrain itself; so in order to meet the growing needs of their customers, they expanded their services by designing and producing machinery, and changed their name in 1972 to reflect the new focus. Over time, Precision Automation® continued to increase their capabilities by adding new products and services while maintaining the same core functions that allowed them to thrive in the manufacturing industry. The company is currently headquartered in a 45,000 sq. ft. facility in Cherry Hill, NJ with 55 employees and they have a second manufacturing facility in Clarksville, Indiana with an additional 35 employees.

Employees are like Family

       At Precision Automation®, it is evident how much they care about their employees. They value each and every team member and cannot stress enough how important each individual is to the continued success of the organization. For their 70th Anniversary celebration last fall, Precision organized a brunch at a local country club to celebrate the milestone and the great achievements of all employees. Team members from all over the country gathered for the monumental occasion. This comradery can be attributed to the true atmosphere of family throughout the organization. Dan Rexon, sales engineer and son of the current President and CEO, Fred Rexon Jr., proudly describes their team, “There is a lot of corporate pride around our organization. We have a long, proud history of serving our customers and working with them to achieve their goals. We take pride in our own workforce and the experiences we’ve been through together. Our shared history, universal corporate goals and strong interpersonal relationships- built through trust and respect- have created a tight family feel throughout Precision Automation®.” Dozens of employees have been with the company for over 20 years, and a handful has been working there even longer! This type of tenure and low turnover rate is truly a testament to the great family culture that has helped to drive them forward.

Solutions are their Specialty

       Precision Automation® does not limit themselves to just one product. They offer a variety of products and services, which allow these automation machinery experts to provide complete solutions. In fact, Dan Rexon boasted, “I love my job because I don’t have to say ‘no’ very often.” And if they do have to say no, it is only after Dan and his team complete a thorough technical analysis of the project at hand. Sometimes Precision Automation® will design and manufacture the solution themselves. If not, they may opt to work with partner suppliers and integrate equipment to provide the perfect solutions for their customers. It is not just their ability to produce various types of custom machinery that differentiates them from their competitors, but also their approach to complete customer service. At Precision Automation®, they truly care about their customers and strive for complete customer satisfaction by meeting or exceeding expectations. “We tailor our solutions to each specific customer and don’t consider a job complete until every expectation is fully met,” explains Steve Huvane, Marketing Coordinator. They now present themselves as complete automation specialists because they provide a full range of industrial automation solutions and do so from the initial concept through engineering, fabrication, assembly and final installation.

A Look into the Future 

       Precision Automation® has achieved tremendous success for over 70 years; however they have never been complacent. While constantly looking to evolve, and provide the best solutions for their customers – Precision Automation® believes that developing and integrating new technology will be vital for their continued success. They will continue to provide their current automation services, but they are planning to expand and offer further product line integration for their clients, which includes robotic capabilities. In order to accomplish this, they are looking to bring aboard new employees that specialize in software and technology integration. “We want to be able to provide our customers with a complete software and manufacturing automation solution,” Steve states. They have already started incorporating new forms of technology in conjunction with machinery for their customers. A fresh example would be a labeling and vision system integration project they recently completed. “This system utilized labeling machinery to apply labels to the side of corrugated display cases and vision systems to inspect for label presence and placement accuracy. If a label is missing or incorrectly placed, the associated control system would communicate a fault to the existing production line and shut it down, triggering an audible and visual alarm,” explains Steve. This system was crucial to their customer because consistency and presentation was of utmost importance. Over 90 systems were installed on production lines across 18 facilities in North America. Consistency was exactly what Precision Automation® was able to deliver.

       You can find Precision Automation® Company at Pack Expo in Las Vegas this September, where they are featuring robotics, labeling, laser marking, and other innovative machines in Booth # 4603. A Yaskawa STEM robot will demonstrate how they can incorporate different robotic capabilities with new or already existing systems. “We do not only want to keep up, but stay ahead of the curve. By providing robots within your line, we can improve your production capability without exorbitant upfront costs,” adds Steve. In the past, these systems were far too expensive for a lot of companies but are now becoming more cost efficient and reliable alternatives.

       Within the next few months you can also expect a different online look from Precision Automation®. They know that image and first impressions are an important thing, especially in today’s technologically advancing world, so they are in the midst of a re-branding process. They will be redesigning their website along with upgrading their logo in order to express their modernization and the advancements they have made. Dan states, “We’re going to make sure that we present our brand in a modern and advanced way.”

Strategic Partnerships

       In order to help their customers achieve the best solutions possible, Precision Automation® has developed several key strategic partnerships. “We have worked with XTreme Technologies on multiple projects, in conjunction with our Integrated Conveyor Solutions division. Most recently (and notably), they have assisted us in designing and installing a comprehensive material handling system for a large grocery distribution company in Ohio. Their software capabilities integrated with our overall system design allowed for smooth product transport and accountability for this project,” explains Steve.
The Marketing Coordinator also notes that MJ Mechanical Services has been a reliable installation partner of as it pertains to their conveyor solutions. Steve says, “We have worked with them for the last 5 years or so, and have been satisfied with their efforts of mounting and installing the various conveyor systems for multiple customers.” Precision Automation® has also worked with SpanTech and TGW Conveyor Systems, and have had a positive, enjoyable experience each time.

Associations, Accreditations & Awards

       Precision Automation® is an ISO 9001 certified company, and they are proud that their work is held to a high standard of quality. “We won’t allow ourselves to ship a part, subassembly, or a system that has not been run through our ISO Quality Management process,” states Dan. This assures their customers that they are getting the best of the best each and every time. A few years back, Quality Magazine recognized the company by ranking them 24th on their list of Leadership 100: Top Companies. Precision Automation® is a proud member of The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), which is a leading global resource for the packaging and processing supply chain. PMMI connects the makers of goods with the packaging and processing suppliers they rely on. Together they help provide people around the world with innovative, safe, convenient and cost-effective products that touch lives every day.
       The phrase “A Team Effort” has never been more fitting. For over 70 years Precision Automation® has been leading the way with custom tailored solutions for their customers. The main ingredient in their recipe for success: a highly skilled and dedicated team that is deeply committed to resolving the challenges they are faced with on a daily basis.

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“We are proud to be a small family-owned business, but it’s not ownership that makes our business; it’s the family of proud, dedicated and knowledgeable employees that make us who we are.”
Dan Rexon, Sales Engineer


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